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Major Elite Footmuff

Major Elite Footmuff Charcoal

Major Elite Footmuff Charcoal


A seated child who is not moving is not generating heat to keep themselves warm, the padded footmuff helps to protect a child's legs from the worst of the cold.

The Footmuff poppers securely to Major Elite frame so it won't slip off the seat.

On really bitter days it can be beneficial to use a Rain Cover or Storm Cover to provide a 'protective bubble' from the cold weather...even if it isn't raining !

Maclaren have now discontinued their Charcoal/Red footmuff design, so plain Charcoal is now the only available footmuff colour.

Machine Washable but do not Tumble Dry.

100% Polyester

The Major Elite Footmuff is available as part of a Discounted Winter Warmer Package

VAT EXEMPT - you will need to confirm in the checkout that you are eligible for VAT Relief because you are buying this for a child due to their medical condition

Total Price49.00 (including delivery and when exempt from VAT at 20%)

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